Pitchaya Kunarochrakse / Gameplay, Tools Developer 

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     Blastrobots is an isometric, robot-slaying, modern homage to old-school arcade games. Blastrobots features multiple weapons, unique enemies, and an innovative revive system. Blast your way through hordes of enemies by yourself or enter the fray with up to three other people in same-screen multiplayer action. Combine weapons to unleash devastating combo-shots, assist your friends when they go down in battle, and battle across a space station teeming with enemies.

Genre : 3D Top-Down Shooter

Engine : UDK

Platform : PC

Role : Programmer

Team size : 14

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     Ruined is a Capture the Flag Mod for UDK with original characters, guns and environments created by a team of eight. It consists of two teams of four players. Each team’s objective is to destroy the main statue in the opposing team’s base and steal their crystal. Each team has four different classes to choose from. The four classes are the scout, soldier, medic, and heavy. Each class has its own ability.

  • The scout is a fast and mobile guy with a shotgun. His ability is the force push that allows him to push enemies all over the place.
  • The medic and the soldier both wield the assault rifle. The medic’s ability is to radiate a healing field around him which both heals allies and drains enemies.
  • The soldier’s ability is to emit a shield aura over him protecting him and allies.
  • The heavy is a slower character that carries a laser cannon. It can shoot and direct a blackhole over the field.

Genre : 1st Person Shooter, Capture the flag

Engine : UDK

Platform : PC

Role : Programmer

Team size : 7

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