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Touch Controller Interface

     A gamepad is one of the most powerful input devices for gaming. Many people, especially casual gamers, tend to use a touchscreen (mobile) device as a gaming platform. Unfortunately, a common complaint among gamers is gamepad implementation on a touchscreen device is not good enough to play games. Touchscreen cannot give the same tactile feedback as a gamepad does. This thesis provide a 2D top-down shooter game on Android with several control schemes and experiment on how well players can handle them. The project’s code is API-Agnostic and can be run on both Windows and Android. The project also show the flexibility coding style, which allows me to integrate my old code into new project as well.

Genre : 2D Top-Down Shooter

Tech used : C++, Android NDK, Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP), Nvidia Nsight

Full description include the following items :

  • Thesis Objective
  • My Thinking Process
  • Lesson Learned

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